How do we do it?

At Zentrum, we look at the body in a different way.

Our approach to well being lies in the belief that a healthy body is fully embodied, posturally balanced and moves efficiently.

We offer a holistic and complete approach incorporating movement and structural therapies, tailor-made for you.

› Pilates

Pilates is a comprehensive exercise approach that emphasizes on movement re-education, core stability and strength combined with flexibility for your body. It is very suitable for your rehabilitation when skillfully taught in a supervised session with a wide array of specially-designed equipment and small apparatus.

The versatility of Pilates lies in its adaptability to cater for you, regardless of age or physical attributes. Pilates is used for general strengthening, education of body awareness, posture improvement, injury rehabilitation, sports performance and overall health maintenance and improvement.

While Rolfing changes the structure of your body, Pilates recalibrates your movement patterns to speed up support and stabilization of your new structure.

We can teach you individually-tailored private and small group sessions in a fully-equipped studio. One introductory private session is compulsory prior to commencing group sessions.

› Rolfing

With experience in and a deep understanding of movement mechanics and functional anatomy, we offer a potent combination hands-on manual therapy enhanced with movement education in a holistic and natural approach.

The Rolfing method developed by Dr. Ida Rolf and the Visceral Manipulation techniques of French osteopth, Jean-Pierre Barral both address the fascial network in your body using soft yet precise hands-on manual therapy.

While Rolfing aims to restore optimal alignment, balance and movement in your body's structure, Visceral Manipulation aids your body's ability to release restrictions and unhealthy compensations that cause discomfort, pain or dysfunction by working on the organs such as liver, stomach and lungs.

Based heavily on the extensive research and explorations of Hubert Godard, repatterning your movement enables the embodiment of a better structure capable of a wider range of human expression and potential.

Find out more about Rolfing and Visceral Manipulation.

› Gyrokinesis®

Founded by Julio Horvath, it systematically and gently trains joints and muscles with rhythmic wave-like movements. Your spine is considered the central supporting element that gains new flexibility through harmonic wave-like, spiral and circular movements. Each exercise is synchronized with corresponding breathing patterns to stimulate your nervous system and unlock your body meridians thus releasing waste products and toxic substances through the oxygen enhanced bloodstream.