Who we are

"Healing Through Movement"

We are a movement-based wellness centre that enables healing and self discovery through a holistic, somatic approach established since 2005 by Amy Tan and Audrey Yeoh as a space to grow and nurture our continuing passion towards helping others through the wellbeing of their bodies.

Somatic refers to the awareness of the body 'from within' and education has to do with awakening these abilities by improving the natural control of our own body.

"Unconventional but Effective"

This is our clients' description of us.

We are serious about delivering our promise to you, offering help to the best of our capabilities and knowledge in a creative way beyond traditional and conventional approaches.

› Audrey Yeoh

Movement Therapist / Studio Director + Owner

Since 2003, Audrey has experienced balance and alignment with her scoliosis with Pilates and trained to be a teacher with Dawnna Wayburne in 2005. She had been teaching since and accumulated extensive experience helping her clients to regain mobility and recover from injuries, including adults and children with scoliosis, slipped disc and shoulder injuries.

Apart from learning with senior Pilates teachers in London and Munich, Audrey has continued studying movement and functional anatomy with the European Rolfing Association in Munich, Body-Mind Centering embodiment approaches for children with Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen and also Anatomy Trains by Thomas Myers.

Stemming from her curiosity of the human body, she trained to be a Rolfer and since 2012, is a Rolfer and Rolf Movement Practitioner having studied with among others, Fernando Bertolucci, Marcia Cintra, Jane Harrington, Sally Klemn, Raquel Motta and Tessy Brungardt. She is currently continuing her education on Visceral Manipulation with the Barral Institute. She believes everyone can do their best and guides them to reach their potential of wellbeing.

Throughout her own journey towards motherhood, regular Pilates and Rolfing sessions had kept her fit, active and healthy to enjoy her two beautiful daughters. Whenever time permits, she enjoys indoor rockclimbing and spending time in parks with her family.

Audrey is a qualified Chartered Institute of Management Accountant and had a previous career as a tax accountant with an international accounting practice.

› Narvir

Movement Therapist / Studio Director + Owner

What is your shape, and how do you move? Is there a better way to move?

Narvir believes that the body has its own innate intelligence and healing ability. Her work is exploratory. Her goal in her work is to empower her clients to find better ways to move and to take charge of their own bodies.

In addition to a Movement Instructor, Narvir is also a certified Rolfer and Rolf Movement Practitioner. With a fitness and movement career spanning over 15 years , Narvir draws on her experience first as a fitness instructor in Fitness First, Celebrity Fitness other leading clubs around Kuala Lumpur and subsequently as a Pilates and Gyrotonic Instructor in Pilates Central She has also worked in a similar capacity while living in Bangkok.

She holds a degree from University of Malaya.

As a bodyworker, Narvir has completed her Rolf and Rolf Movement Practitioner certification from The Rolf Institute of Structural Integration. She continues to take courses with the institute. Recent courses include Mysteries of the Head, Scar and Bone work.

She holds a comprehensive certification in Pilates from Balanced Body; Pre and Post Natal Pilates from The Centre for Women’s Fitness; and has completed the Polestar Pilates Studio Series 1-6.

She is certified to teach GYROTONIC Level 1, GYROKINESIS Level 1, Jumping Stretching Board, and has completed GYROTONIC Therapeutic Applications for Pelvic Girdle and Scoliosis.

› Mariko Hamada

Certified Pilates Teacher

Hailing from Tokyo, Mariko journeyed into the world of Pilates after the arrival of two daughters in 2006 while still living in Japan. Her regular practice had improved tremendously her posture and thus overall vitality. She then started to deepen her Pilates education through regular workshops and teacher training modules from Marie Jose Blom Lawrence's famed Long Beach Dance Center's Teacher Training program.

After relocating to Kuala Lumpur, Mariko looked to take her studies into a direction which combined the concepts and ideas of Rolfing with the movement in Pilates. Since 2011, she was training and studying as an apprentice with Amy Tan. Upon completion of her 2-year teaching apprenticeship, she is now a Certified Pilates Teacher. Similar to Amy, she specialises in the embodiment of movement and advocates a holistic approach to Pilates with the aim of bringing out suppleness and flexibility not only in the physical body but also the potential of the whole person of everyone she works with.


› Mayli Tay

Certified Pilates and Gyrokinesis Teacher

Mayli has over 10 years experience in movement with a solid training in ballet with the Royal Academy of Dance of UK since her childhood days. She began learning Pilates in 2007 to alleviate her chronic injuries from dancing and had been living in a body free of pain since. Beyond the diminished pain, she discovered more benefits it had brought to not only her physical body but her overall wellbeing.

For her, being healthy is to feel energized and happy the moment we rise from bed. By offering a spectrum of movement options for the body and drawing positive movement experiences, she aims to help everyone believe in themselves thus building greater confidence in their daily life.

Using a creative repertoire and experience from teaching ballet to children and young adults, she guides everyone towards moving with elegance and grace. She trained with Polestar Pilates and continues to deepen her teaching with regular ongoing conferences and workshops.

Mayli graduated from Monash University in Australia majoring in Accounting and had previously worked in area of finance in several multinationals. She is also a Certified PADI open water diver.