Who can we help?

› Adults

We restore mobility, improve posture and reestablish core stabilization by your increasing body awareness with our extensive experience working with a wide range of conditions of illnesses and injuries. Reconnecting with your body is a tool towards a holistic recovery.

› Children

Movement plays a crucial role in your children's overall mental and physical development. They energize our space with their exuberance and innocence. We support toddlers, young children up to teenagers through their journey of growing up to guide with suitable solutions based on our collective experience of movement for them and their families.

› Seniors

Always heartwarming to have you bring your elderly parents to see us. An aging body brings on the onset of aches and pains. The elderly responds well to simple and safe movements and touch to feel less stiff and lighter in their golden years.

› Movement Teachers

We never stop learning. We love to share our learning experiences with you to cultivate an environment of constant inquiry and curiousity so we can all offer to help others around us in their process towards wellbeing.

› Teaching Apprenticeships

With your keen interest in somatics and movement, we welcome you to work and learn with us through apprenticeships towards a rewarding career as a movement teacher and therapist.